What Matters to Me

Thoughtful Development

The attraction and retention of diverse businesses is important for our city. We must leverage our existing assets to invite additional visitors and residents. The beautiful riverfront and quaint downtown bring so much charm to the community. The countless parks, shops, historic landmarks and small-town feel are unmatched. These assets have and must continue to be utilized in a way that encourages additional interest and development in a thoughtful and responsible manner. Residents and other stakeholders should be informed and provided opportunities to provide input in developments that impact them.

Fiscal Responsibility

It is crucial that a mix of revenue-generating measures is implemented to reduce the burden on the local taxpayers. Public funds must be spent and invested in a sustainable manner. 

Government Transparency

Government operations should be transparent at every level. Transparency means trust, and its vital that citizens trust their municipal leaders and the work that goes on behind the scenes.

Historic Preservation

St. Charles has a rich history, and preservation can work hand-in-hand with the city’s inevitable development. It is important that we preserve this legacy to retain the city’s unique identity for future generations.

Responsive Representation

Residents  need to connect with their local representatives to have a voice in community decisions. I’m committed to maintaining reliable communication with 4th ward constituents.  I encourage questions and comments from the community.

Quality of Life

St. Charles is a wonderful, safe place to live. Discussions concerning the future of St. Charles should consider sustainability, public art and entertainment, as well as livability. Access to the river, downtown, restaurants and stores can be enhanced to improve connectivity and quality of life for all residents.