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St. Charles lives up to its slogan: The Pride of the Fox. We have a wonderful city, with many opportunities on the horizon. I want to ensure we continue making progress in the right direction and with the highest standards of transparency, collaboration and fiscal responsibility.

It’s been such a privilege to serve on St. Charles City Council for the past four years. I’m proud of the work I’ve accomplished in collaboration with my Council colleagues, my constituents, and the St. Charles business community. We have made great progress, and I am eager to continue serving this incredible city I call home.

“David has done a magnificent job to secure a responsible approach to development in our ward. We narrowly averted disaster with the proposals that had been submitted for development of the old police station site, and a lot of the credit for saving both our Fox River and green spaces goes to David!”

Claire and Dean Bemis, Residents of the 4th ward

“We first met David when we had questions regarding infrastructure in our neighborhood. He came to our house on a Saturday morning to introduce himself and fully respond to our inquiries.  He is responsive, he listens, and he cares about his constituents.  Most important to us, David is careful with the taxpayers’ money, favors responsible development in our town, and speaks his mind at city meetings.  During the recent debate about redevelopment of the old police station site, David went door to door in the 4th ward to raise awareness and seek voter input. St. Charles is better with Dave on City Council, and we wholeheartedly support his re-election.”

Mike and Eileen Kanute, Residents of the 4th ward

“David Pietryla has served our ward well by being responsive, fiscally responsible, and independent.  When a big developer decided they wanted to gobble up our public street and green space to add “free” land to their huge apartment complex, David stood up on behalf of the residents and successfully reduced the size of the complex, and retained most of the public land.”

Martha Gass, Resident of the 4th ward

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